Saturday, November 26, 2011

Salvation Army Thanksgiving

I worked this Thanksgiving, and it was a crazy long day. I was dreading having to photograph dinner at the Salvation Army because I always feel like if you are eating at the Sally, you probably don't want anyone to know, let alone document it. I was pleasantly surprised that no one gave me a hard time, and the assignment was actually really fun.

Black Friday in Tyler

keeping warm outside of Target
shoppers are let inside
outside Best Buy
looking for the best bargains

first inside Toys R Us

Red Smoke

Was driving out to work on a project when I came across a Camry on fire in the road on Thanksgiving. I didn't get anything I really liked of the car, but I liked the billows of smoke. The woman driving the car got herself and her two children out safely before it actually caught flames.

If you aren't shooting basketball with a 50mm you are doing it wrong.

There's something I love about sitting under the net with a 50mm on shooting at aperture 2.5..... just seems to work for me. Basketball is definitely my favorite sport to shoot. It's so action packed. There are so many moments. It's predictable and unpredictable at the same time.

Brownsboro vs. All Saints Episcopal

 Robert E. Lee High School vs. Whitehouse

These shots are from the TABO Annual Scholarship Classic yesterday at UT-Tyler. It's a two day event, so I'll be heading out in a few hours to shoot it again!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Texas Leaves

It's not the same (at all) as up North, but some of the leaves do change color in East Texas.