Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hickory Golf Scramble

It's rare that I am ever excited to shoot golf, but this 1920s-themed golf fundraiser was pretty cool.

Don Alfred Revisited

I first photographed World War II veteran Don Alfred for the cover of IN Magazine, the magazine our newspaper published bi-monthly. I had to photograph him again for a story for the paper. Alfred participated in the mission that dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. He now volunteers at the Historical Aviation Memorial Museum in Tyler (pictured here).

Football Fans

Prayer Luncheon

1965 Rival Quarterbacks

Danny Palmer, age 63, and Hal Cameron Jr., 64, were rival quarterbacks in 1965. Palmer, who was the quarterback for John Tyler High School, is currently the head coach of the Tyler Junior College football team. Cameron, the quarterback for Robert E. Lee, is now a civil attorney in Tyler.

Game Time


Pollard Back to School Bash