Friday, August 8, 2008

Local Celebrity

I think I've reached local celebrity status in Sidney.

I went to the bank today... the same bank I've gone to since the first day I moved here, with the same people working in it that are always there, but today they were like, "OMG I saw you at Relay!! You're that photographer...SARAH MILLER! My mom loves your photos!"

seriously... that's what happened!! I didn't have my camera on me or anything (I already turned it in :( )

I'm also pretty tight with all the local government people, especially the city manager Steve Stillwell. He's a CMU grad and I saw him today at Hot Dogs on the Courtsquare. He said he knows Mount Pleasant's city manager pretty well, so if I ever have any problems to let him know!

I kind of feel bad leaving. I feel like people will be upset when I am all of a sudden not lurking around little league games, sitting around at parks, shopping at the Dollar Tree, eating peanut butter-chocolate shakes at Chilly Jilly's, reading out the the pool, etc.

Also, my little neighbor friends will probably be sad that I didn't say goodbye to them, but my bike isn't here anymore, so I haven't been outside much in the past few weeks to even run into them.

ALSO, all the frogs and bugs at Tawawa Park will miss me always trying to take photos of them. lol.

Some guy called the newspaper and wanted me to come take a photo of his kids drawing with chalk all over the place, but when I got there the kids had taken off to the Humane Society to see some kittens, but while he was trying to get them to come back, I hung out with this sleepy cat and vicious guard dog (ha).

Goodbye Sidney, tomorrow I'll be on the road! Destination... Dauphin Island, Alabama!
...then Lambertville, then Mount Pleasant, then... the UP or Canada! ahh! (maybe Cedar Point too?)

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