Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Do you know Fred Gray?

Well, you should.

You think MLK was the symbol of Civil Rights in America?Well, he may have been the image, but Fred Gray was the mastermind, the true leader, the man with the plan.

I had the fortune to meet Attorney Fred Gray last week while I was volunteering in Tuskegee, Alabama. To be honest, I had never heard of Mr. Gray until this trip, but now I will never forget him.

HE PICKED Martin Luther King, Jr. to be the figurehead of Civil Rights.

HE TOLD Rosa Parks to ride the bus.

HE REPRESENTED the 600+ men in the Tuskegee Syphilis Study (look it up if you don't know what it is)

At age 20 he began his quest to desegregate everything he could find in Alabama. He is a remarkable, yet, often forgotten Civil Rights hero.

His birthday was last week, and I, along with 10 others from CMU got to execute the event. We had an amazing time. We were trained in diversity by the amazing duo of Gary and Cynthia Hines of Talented Network. We experienced true Southern hospitality.

We saw the diparity and prosperity and future hope of a beautiful community between Montgomery and Auburn.

As the residents say, come back in a few years. Come back and see what we've done.

History is alive in Tuskegee, Alabama.

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Anonymous said...

Jeez, very cool!  That's awesome that you helped out down there.

The sign you guys are in front of is pretty funny, too.