Saturday, October 24, 2009

350,climate action

I shot the 350 event, a worldwide event where community members gather in front of a sign saying "350" to promote awareness of the 350 parts per million safe limit of CO2 in the atmosphere. Our current ppm is over 390. These people decided to put their bodies into the shape of 350.


I wanted to do a multimedia piece on this event, "Howl-O-Ween" but I was running short on time, and the event ended early due to bad weather. I thought these two had the best costumes. It's a "dogfish"--get it?


Anna Norris said...

super cute costume duo! is that a white west highland terrior? I love those dogs.

I covered a halloween costume parade Saturday. This one little girl was the opposite of a litter bug. Her bug costume had recyclables on it and she held a sign that said "make the litterbug extinct" too cute

two little kids who are cousins rode in a wagon dressed as bride and groom, with the wagon decorated with a "just married" sign. too adorable.

Erin Pence said...

That's fricking adorable! I'm so going to do that with my cat! hahaha :-)