Saturday, April 3, 2010

Flint Skyline

I couldn't find anything feature hunting today because it was raining, so I stopped to take some skyline shots instead. I drive this way all the time at night, but I'm never comfortable to stop, but I decided no one would mess with me too much during the day in the rain.

Flint has a huge problem with arson right now. I went around today photographing some of the houses that were completely destroyed. I thought this one looked pretty cool. All of the arsons have been at abandoned homes. A lot of them are on the city's demolition list anyway.


Michael Jiggidy Jordan said...

*shudder* I don't go around Flint too much, it really depresses me. And those photos capture why. ;)

Kelly C said...

Hi Sarah! It's crazy what stupid things people will do...if they're trying to make a point this is the wrong way to do it! Firefighters are being hurt by this, not helped! Anyway, I'm glad to not be around there right now!