Monday, October 25, 2010

Eddie Adams Workshop Assignment

I had the great opportunity of attending the Eddie Adams workshop in Jeffersonville, NY a few weeks back. Although I personally had some setbacks, it was a great experience overall. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many great photographers and to have the chance to meet and mingle with a lot of them.

I was a part of the Green Team with editor Jamie Wellford of Newsweek, leader Ami Vitale and producer Leah Latella. Our topic was environmental issues. My two day assignment was at Apple Pond Farm, a farm that uses many environmentally positive practices. I wanted my story to say something about consumerism and the power of do-it-yourself farming and sustainable energy vs. American consumer culture, but that didn't really pan out. In the end though, I came home with some nice images that Sonja and Dick at Apple Pond were glad to have.


Joshua Kodis said...

Sweet shots, as usual. The one of the horses licking the car made me laugh... why were they licking it?

Sarah A. Miller said...

i don't know why they were licking it... maybe it was a foreign object to them and they just wanted to figure out what it was? there was a dog in the car...maybe they wanted to eat him? just kidding. i really don't know, it was a strange moment!