Saturday, June 21, 2008


This morning was fun. My good friend Colleen came up with her friend from Dayton and I got to model around Sidney with her. She's working on her final portfolio so she can graduate from the Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology. I hadn't seen her in so long! Anyway, we wandered around downtown Sidney and found all kinds of cool backgrounds for portraits. We found some cool graffiti and lots of different bricks and buildings with paint peeling off and lots of things you just don't notice from the street. I'm excited to see the photos!

Tomorrow will be a great adventure too. I'm going to Lansing to assist my friend Dave in shooting the 2008 Central Girls bikini calendar. Although it will be a four hour drive from here (and four hours back, ugh!) it's worth it because I have the potential to get some really neat shots since we'll be shooting in the golden hours (& sunset/lake backgrounds). Fashion photography is something I've not done a lot of, but I'm really interested in it, especially after watching VH1's show 'The Shot" this past spring... I really want to have a food-fight photo shoot sometime!!

Well, here's my favorite photo from this week. This is a YMCA board member attempting to make a hole-in-one putt at the putting competition for the YMCA Golf for Kids tournament... needless to say, he missed it by about a millimeter.


Anna Norris said...

Great shot! I really love his reaction! It was nice getting to meet you on Friday! Hope you had a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great moment Sarah!