Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm learning more about kids and animals than anything else

So, when I'm not working on a news assignment, I am doing one of four things:

1. sitting on my couch
2. playing with little kids at the apartment
3. taking photos of animals
4. looking for features.... of kids and animals.

Before living here in Sidney I had never played or even talked to a little kid. Now it's something that I do on an everyday basis both at home and at work. Pretty much every day I am at the parks looking for features. What else is at the park? Kids. and sometimes animals. Mostly geese.

Today I hung out with Susan and Candice, the two girls from my spring carnival photo, in the heat ride. We played frisbee, duck duck goose, catch, and ran some races. I also met some older kids...they were 17. At least that's getting closer to 21. lol. I only talked to them for a couple minutes though. They didn't seem too interested in me after I told them I was from Michigan, but hey, they asked me!!

here's some geese.

crap, i have a little kid photo i want to post, but it's corrupted on my flashdrive, and i have tomorrow off,'ll just have to wait i guess.


Anonymous said...

Little kids are cool. Yay gooses!

Eliminator_of_Bullshit said...

They weren't interested in a Michigander, eh? What discrimination!