Sunday, April 5, 2009

Threads: The Video! (JRN 521 Assignment 4)

After editing literally all day, it is done! Please leave comments!


Julie Demers said...

I think your video is really good. I love the title and end slides it was a nice touch. Great photos and videos. Great Job!

Lauren said...

i really like your video as well, good interviews and shots on the runway, i liked your still in there too!

Juice said...

I would have like to have seen you use a tripod, some of the video shots are bit jarring and jagged. At the 5 sec mark I would have used a cleaner shot which I'm sure you had, it just looks like you zoomed and lost your balance. Also at the 23 sec mark you have two layers running at the same time and in the corners your previous shot is visible. All and all its a good attempt. Always look for visual variety even in video shots and there's a lot you could have done with it. Just thought I would give my suggestions since you asked for comments!