Sunday, June 28, 2009

Manifest Destiny.

This year has been the year of knocking-off goals from my life goal list, and these past two weeks have been no exception.



One of my biggest dreams has been to go out to California. To me, California has always seemed to be a wonderland full of opportunity, glamour, fun, diversity and beauty. Also full of famous people!

I had the chance to ride along with my friend Stuart as he drove from his house in the U.P. out to Los Angeles to find a job in Hollywood.

Santa Monica 3

Santa Monica

California was NOT what I expected, and I never thought this would happen, but I added two new states to my favotite places list: southern Utah and western South Dakota. Those two places were amazing. The badlands, the blackhills, Utah's sandstone moutains and clifts.... I can't even describe them. I didn't know places like that exsisted on this planet, let alone in this country!



My 4 day journey taught me soooo much more than any high school US history or geography class ever did. Everyone should travel. I had no idea how diverse this country was. I had no idea that huge stretches of states were literally uninhabited. I didn't know this country had land that grew without grass or trees or any green at all. I never thought that a Mars-like landscape exsisted in Arizona and New Mexico. I'm glad I found out! I had never even seen a desert (Nevada) or a snow-capped mountain (Colorado) or a wild cactus or the Pacific Ocean. I had never been west of Chicago. I'm definitely going back.

Colorado 2


Badlands 2

South Dakota, the Badlands


Joshua Kodis Photography said...

I like the badlands photo at the bottom here, glad you are enjoying your trip. And next time you see a dust devil, the tornado type thing, try running into one for fun!

Benjamin said...

Nice summation of your road trip. California's not one of your favorite states huh? Not even with all the psuedo-famous people walking around?? Haha, I don't blame you at all. This place is weird. Can't wait to explore MI! See you in a few weeks.