Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No to health care?

health care,raly,rally,bay city
Bob Karbowski of Bay City participates in a rally Saturday afternoon on Washington Ave. in downtown Bay City, Mich. His sign reads, 'Can you name anyone who's been refused health care? Me neither.' Karbowski said that universal health care is a scam because no one today is actually being refused treatment. The Bay County Taxpayers Association sponsored the rally, as part of a nationwide rally against universal health care.

health care,rally,bay city
Gretchen Vincent of Saginaw and her daughter Caitlin Vincent, 24, voice their opinions on universal healthcare by holding signs along Washington Ave. in Bay City Saturday. Caitlin equates universal health care to death care because she feels that the elderly and those with chronic conditions would have less priority for treatment under the system.


Michael J. Jordan said...

Maybe we should have Universal Teach-Her-How-To-Draw-Hands Care.

Joshua Kodis Photography said...

LOL yeah, I like how there are two left hands drawn.