Sunday, March 1, 2009

Michigan College Press Photographer of the Year


So it was great weekend at the annual MPPA banquet and awards. I came out on top, winning the two things I thought I had the least chance of winning! I got a third place on my photo of the anole lizard on a rose. I don't even have that photo in my portfolio. And then somehow I got.... FIRST PLACE?? in the CPOY! It's weird because I always have looked up to everyone else hoping to someday be good like them. There were many times I almost threw in the towel and quit. I remember wanting to drop out of school a couple of times after being in classes with Alex Stawinski, Dan Stewart and Jessica Scott among others. In the past I've put myself down a lot and made excuses for things. That ends now. Getting CPOY was such a huge surprise, and now that I have it I have to live up to it. I have professional photogs and students from around the state adding me as friends on Facebook. I can't let them down. Especially with my new Nikon D700 (I'm still shooting with my Canon too though!) I have no excuse to not keep shooting and improving (except that I don't have any lenses yet...that's an acceptable excuse!). This weekend was so much fun. I'm so thankful for all the new friends I've made. I can't wait for MPPA next February!

and congrats to everyone who won something and everyone who entered!

-sarah, the killasmilla :)

...and I'm still looking for an internship this summer, so let me know if you know anything!


Julie Demers said...

Congrats! That is awesome!

Lucas Merrill said...

That is so AWESOME!

I want a massive print of that storm photo from Sidney. That is an amazing picture.