Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unexpectedly Awesome.

What a great spring break so far. I carpooled down to Washington, DC to attend the annual American Women in Radio and Television national meeting. I got to see CBS's Lara Logan and learn about marketing myself in today's broadcasting industry.

I also got to explore the city with my friend Frank. We hit up all kind of cool dining establishments inlcuding a techno-upscale pizza dance club, The Melting Pot and "Cal-Tor". They were all delicious.

I took an AMTRAK train back home, and let me tell you about what a great decision that was! While picking up my tickets a few hours early at that station, I ran into a group of guys from CMU who were road-tripping to Boston. We ended up hanging out for about 3 hours exploring the Capital area of the city and checking out the good ol' Declaration of Independence.

After that, I was pretty happy about my adventure, but it just got better.

I got on the train and an older looking, scruffy man sat down next to me. I thought this was going to be the end of my good times, but once again, I was proven wrong, and he turned out to be just as unexpectedly awesome as my adventure running into the CMU guys.

His name was Dwight and he was getting his Masters from MSU. We talked for about 8 hours straight before we tried to take a nap. It's amazing what a simple "hello" can do. He said he stopped counting his birthdays after 21, but he estimates that he's 32. He's living a green life up in East Lansing and is researching the links between sports and the great outdoors. I told him a lot about myself as well and he pointed out some cool things to take photos of along our rail journey.

I also decided that West Virgina is beautiful via rail, but you can decide for youself.






Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Very well done!

Anonymous said...

KillaSmilla - I enjoyed meeting you as well. And viewing those pictures!! Just got back from Chicago and a workshop at the Indiana National Sand Dunes Park. So many sights to see with spring so close. Scruffy:)

Sarah A. Miller said...

dwight--- you have to send me your email address sometime so i can talk to you!!