Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh hey, video.

I'm working on two video projects right now. In theory, I like video, but in application...I feel that it's mostly a drain on my lappy's little hard-drive and a nightmare of editing.

My first project is a long-term project on Native American Culture. Here's a frame from some footage I shot last week.

The second video is on the student-run fashion show "Threads." I just started this project yesterday. I'll be done with it next weekend. Whoo.

The NA video is kind of going downhill right now. Originally, I had some solid contacts, but now people are becoming harder and harder to get a hold of. Also, I am running out of time.

I think my Threads video will be pretty good...but it's early on in the project, so we'll see! I'm going to try to make it really tight and really visual. I already have all the audio interviews done. I just need to get some ambient things and I'll be all set.

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Michael Jiggidy Jordan said...

Awww I was hoping for some video footage.  But thanks to the interlaced nature of your frame grabs, I have generated animated GIFs to hold me over: