Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Everyone in Sidney Hates Michigan/"The Picture Lady"

This is mostly a note to all my Michigan friends: Everyone here hates you. No, maybe not, but they reallllly don't like U of M. Today at an assignment someone said to me,

"You can't use that photo, he's wearing a Michigan shirt!"

Then on my first day I saw a lady wearing a shirt of Michigan lighthouses, and when I mentioned that her shirt had something to do with Michigan, she freaked out and whipped out her Ohio State cell phone cover.

There have been other anti-Michigan instances this past week, but I don't remember them.

State rivalry is funny.

On a positive Michigan-related note, I met the father of one of the CMU football players at an assignment yesterday. That was cool. That's why I like always using my CMU bag because people will see it and come up to me with some crazy CMU story or tell me that their kid goes there or they always go to the casino, or whatever.

Funny kid quote of the day:

"Are you a picture lady? You're the Picture Lady? Why are you here? Your boss told you to come take pictures of us kids? Weird."

And lastly, I met the supposed illegitimate son of Elvis today. He lives in Dayton and has a band.


Anna Norris said...

oh the weirdo Elvis' son guy..... yeah. I remember him. And his groupies. All weird people. Don't be surprised if you run into them sometime again this summer.

supertheliz said...

I like how one day a little kid's hitting on you and another day a little kid's calling you a lady. Hope you feel less fevery and crappy!