Thursday, May 15, 2008

First Day

I started my photo internship at The Sidney Daily News today. It went pretty well. I shot a preschool Spring Fling/Book celebration/Olympic-themed event and a Sidney girls softball game. I got my pants and shoes destroyed by mud. I also learned how to use a Nikon D200 in like...5 mins.

Yesterday was crazy moving in to my apartment. I got here at noon and found out that my apartment wasn't done yet. Well, it's still not done, but I'm here anyway.

I've had a lot of "firsts" in the past 2 days.

-first time moving out (besides going to school)
-first time living in an apartment
-first time living on my own (I'll get a roomie in June though! yay!)
-first time having a real internship
-first time buying groceries
-first time trying to live off my own cooking (BBQ rice and cheese quesadillas? I make due....haha)
-first time shooting Nikon
-first time not having cable (I hope I can see The Office through all the fuzz!)
-first time killing a big ugly spider w/o help from my mom (death by toilet drowning)

I think that's it for now.

Look forward to some more exciting posts in the future, and probably some pictures too!



Scott said...

I hope you like your internship! Best of luck adjusting AND best of luck with this blog!

Michael Jiggidy Jordan said...

How do you like shooting Nikon?  I never have. :(

Anonymous said...

Smillaaaaaaa. Have fun living alone for a little while! Good luck with your internship.

--somebody living with you this fall :)

Anna Norris said...

Hi Sarah!

I'm Anna, the SDN photo intern from last summer. Best of luck as your begin your internship! Erin is a great mentor, and you will learn so much about the profession as well as yourself!

I think you will survive without having cable. When I moved to the Cleveland area back in November for my job, I did not have cable for the first time ever (and still don't have it). I've survived without it thanks to MTV posting The Hills and Real World online after the shows air. You'll find you won't have much extra time to watch TV because work will keep you very busy and you won't miss it as much as you think.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

supertheliz said...

Smilla! That little kid at the Olympics is really cute. :D