Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ok, blogger is ruining the color on my photos and I don't know why. I think it just doesn't like CMYK (as seen in the first photo). I switched the second one to RGB and it how it is supposed to look! This is a photo from a preschool graduation this morning.

So I had a weird dream last night. In my dream, I was on a drive with my family in Sidney. We stopped at a stop sign and I looked out of the van window and saw HUGE bear. It had to be 2,000 pounds. It went over to a house with a deck on the 2nd floor. The bear went on the deck with the family and hung out for a bit, then it's severe fatness caused it to break through the deck and land underneath on top of a horse! So then the horse and the bear got in a fight and wrestled, and I took a photo. I then took the photo into work and tried to turn in it, but the people there said "Yeah, that would be good spot news if it didn't happen last week too."

Also, I made 2 new friends today....two little kids named Dallas and Dakota. They live in my apartment complex and they're from Texas! We met at the bike rack. :)


Anna Norris said...

Unfortunately, the web doesn't like images in CMYK, so if you post any photos in that form they show up inverted. I knew that from my design classes from school, but truly found it out last summer when I first started posting photos to my blog and forgot to upload them in RGB.

Hope Arrowhead is treating you well (I lived there last summer as well. But instead of having a spider problem, my room mate and I woke up to thousands of ants crawling all over our respective rooms one morning after a nest had hatched right outside our windows. Yeah, definitely wasn't too pleased about that.)! Also, good luck and have fun covering all the upcoming graduations! Its not as bad as it sounds!

supertheliz said...

Your dreams are soooooooo weird but make soooooooooooo much sense at the same time!

Mine are mostly scary so I'm jealous. *pout*

Eliminator_of_Bullshit said...

I wish people were blue.